New Year, New Focus

Last year was a big year for me. I got married, travelled the world, became a vegan, and had my final awakening. It seems that I must be reaping the benefits of such a transitional period, because for the first time in my life I have a firm idea of what I want from the rest of my time on this planet, and what I would like to concentrate on in this New Year.

Long term, I want to start a lineage of awakened teachers in the West, raise a family, build a retreat centre, write a number of classic books on the subjects of awakening and magick, and live a long a healthy life. This year I hope to put in place the building blocks for this vision.

Lucky man

With the support of my wife, I’m now in a position to work solely on my writing and teaching. At the moment, both of these activities bring in very little money; this year is the chance to really work on developing my career in both of these fields, so that when the time comes for children, I can hopefully step up as the sole bread winner.  It would be great if in the not too distant future I could establish a retreat/teaching centre that could double as a wonderful childhood home for the kids.

Muscle, Fighting and Sobriety

Health wise, I need to get fit. The last time I was really fit was fifteen years ago as a teenager when I did a lot of stretching, weight training and martial arts. So I’ve got my weights and a new weights bench on the way, and a friend who can teach me Filipino martial arts. In addition, and no doubt due to my increasing intolerance of alcohol since going vegan, I’m going to make this year T-Total. No booze. It will be interesting to see if I can make it the full year, and what health benefits I might reap as a result.

Don’t feed the trolls

Just after my awakening last year, I began the Open Enlightenment project, and I came up with countless new ideas such as touring the country teaching, starting a magazine and podcast, and initiating a micro-patronage drive.  I began setting up a number of other new websites too. I ramped up my online presence, engaging with our readers, writing new free ebooks, and tweeting like crazy.

This year I’m toning it down. I’ve come to realise that a lot of my time online is wasted, especially engaging with detractors, haters, trolls, and lazy people asking for advice that is readily available for free on my sites. Comments will still be allowed, but I will engage less, delete bile posted by trolls, and simply send a link to the lazy. In order to maintain online teaching content, but spend more time offline, my energy will be focussed on my weekly satsangs (the first one was held last December), which when recorded will be posted as a podcast on OE.

Towards the end of 2009, I flirted with micro-patronage, but the promise of fulfilling every new idea that popped into my head, and the moral dilemma it posed for Duncan, ended the affair. We only get modest donations for both OE and the BH, so how best to finance both initiatives?

At all good news stands

One of my better ideas was the magazine. If both myself and Duncan pool the writing that we contribute to our sites, and open the doors for submissions, we can produce a journal of sorts perhaps every quarter or six months for between £5 and £10, make a small amount of money to cover our costs, and then publish the material for free on the net with the release of the next journal, thereby ensuring we receive remuneration for our efforts while simultaneously giving away our work for free (albeit at a later date)!

Ten Years Younger

Finally, the Baptist’s Head site needs an overhaul. This year will see the publication of our third and final record of our adventures completing the Great Work. The three books and the new journal will now be the focus of the site, as opposed to our daily magical exploits, and so a new back end and snazzy design is required. I’ve come to realise that all the good will in the world isn’t worth much without money involved, and so I’m going to pay a developer to do a good, professional job.

So the plan for 2010 looks like this:


Quarterly journal: mostly focussed on magick, to be published on the Baptist’s Head.

How to Build a Head: The story of my awakening.

Illuminated Magick: this will be my attempt at writing the definitive grimoire, which will act as the core material for a new magical order.

Open Enlightenment Dialogues: Should my satsangs prove successful, I will transcribe the best of the material for a book. Snazzy title still needed.

Digital Heart (How the internet is transforming spirituality): A small book I started last year that really needs finishing.

(Note: My interest in art has been rekindled, and so some of these books may very well have illustrations.)


Establish weekly satsangs. The January sessions are already booked at the Bonnington Centre, Vauxhall, London.

Develop and begin offering weekend retreats.


Start a daily workout routine.

Learn a new martial art.

T-Total for a year!


Develop new BH site.

Produce a weekly podcast for OE.

Reduce wasted time online.

I think that lot should keep me busy for a year!


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This is my new personal site. I’ve presently got a couple of blogs on the go, a few books out and a number of very involved projects gathering speed. I thought it would be a good idea to have everything in the one place for ease of reference.

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